Wine Grapes To Buy 2014

Below are vineyards who sell to home winemakers. We are still getting availability and pricing as this years crop ripens. We will update as infomation comes in. We leave it to you to make contacts for purchasing and getting your grapes.


Olympic Brewing no longer rents winemaking equipment. Make arrangemts for crushing, de-stemming, and pressing.


Also try for availability.


Providing Oregon grapes to home Wine Makers of the Puget Sound Basin since 1981

Here are the sugar numbers recorded on the 30th of August (lowest to highest)

Riesling:  11.4

Chardonnay:  12.8

Pinot Munier 14.6

Pinot Gris:  15.0

Muller Thurgeau:  15.0

Gewurztramier:  15.6

Pinot Noir: 16.2

Moore Mystery Grape:  21.6

Leon Millot:  21.6

Marechal Foch:  22.0

Assuming an open September, I’m thinking first deliveries will occur on the 28th of September.  While the sugars are higher than normative, an extra week of hang-time should benefit the complexity of each. 

From September 6th through the 13th, I will be off-the-grid and without connectivity.  Though your E-mail will arrive, be patient for a response.

Bonus points accrue to each of you that can correctly identify each of the varietals in the pictures that follow.  All deliveries will occur at my home in Seattle (5020 38th Ave NE).

Contact/confirmation information via E-mail at or via phone at 206-522-7491. Cell phone available upon request.

Use of my stemmer-crusher and/or presses will add a charge of $.05 / pound to the total invoice..

Gilbert Vineyards

Gilbert Vineyards is a family owned farm with vineyards located in the Horse Heaven Hills and Wahluke Slope AVAs. Grapes are available for pick up at the vineyard sight or at our warehouse in Yakima, WA. Below is info from 2013. Check the website for varieties.

$1-$1.25/lbs depending on the varietal

Minimum purchase of 350lbs

Harvesting mid October- mid November this year

Please Contact

Anna Gilbert

Cape E Farm & Vineyard

Local Pinot Noir grapes for sale grown on a small farm on Key Peninsula.

100 lb minmum order $1 per pound.

Quantities limited. Grapes will be harvested, crushed and de-stemmed

and ready for primary fermentation. You supply the container.

Harvest expected in early October

Call Lori at 253-884-4412 or for more information,

location, and placing an order.

S 0 Fruit

Here is the current list - please note grapes are

selling fast and could be sold out soon.





Price is $1/# handpicked into cardboard boxes.

Pick up at 44209 N McDonald Rd - Prosser, WA



S O Fruit - contact: Patricia - 509-781-1250 

Contact me at

Patricia O'Brien


Ginko Forest Winery

Cabernet Sauvignon:



Pinot Noir:

Mike Thiede

Wahluke Slope AVA

Mattawa, WA

pickup at Ginkgo Forest Winery, 1.5 miles north of Mattawa on the west side of highway 243

509.831.6432 (cell)

509.932.0082 (winery)


HandPrint Farms


If you are looking to make some of the best Riesling you'll ever make, please consider purchasing your grapes from HandPrint Farms here in Prosser, Wa. This year we farmed completely organically. (Past years have been mostly organic). We also utilize some biodynamic practices.  We have sheep that help us take care of the vineyard by leaf thinning, suckering, fertilizing, and weeding. We kept the canopy long to protect the fruit from this summer's intense sun so sunburn has not been a problem for this fruit. The fruit is healthy, clean and there is a lot of it – about 12 tons. Our site is close to the Yakima River and produces fruit suitable for European style Rieslings. Due to illness, our previous buyer is no longer making wine that is why we are opening the vineyard up to other winemakers.
We are looking to find winemakers who want to develop an ongoing relationship with us and the vineyard. You can pick your own fruit or you can have us hire out for a crew to pick it for you. It may be possible for us to deliver small quantities locally. Past vintages have expressed strong citrus and fruit flavors. We love our vineyard and we want you to fall in love with it too! We are introducing the grapes this year at .50 cents per pound. Over 3 tons is priced at $800. We usually harvest here at the end of October but everything is ripening earlier than usual. We are looking to harvest during the 1st to 3rd weeks in October based on the Brix levels you are looking for. The latest sample for the vineyard was on Monday, September 29 and came in at a shy 22 Brix. I will be taking samples weekly. If you are planning on buying fruit, I can provide readings more frequently. We are offering the fruit on a first come first served basis and will reserve it for you once we have developed a relationship with you as a buyer. We are about three hours from Seattle, Portland and Spokane.   If interested, please call LeeAnna at (509)778-1585  or email at