Storefront Is Open!

First off I want to thank everyone for their patience and support over the last 2 months while the storefront has been closed and taking advantage of our curbside delivery option. I know there have been delays at times when things got busy, and we did our best to sort through orders and get them ready as fast as possible without errors. I know there has been lots of great beer and wine brewed during this time!

We are back open for in store shopping, with the following policies put into place using guidance from the state:

  • • Limit of 6 customers in the store at a time
  • • Card payment preferred.
  • • No refills on customer provided containers temporarily.
  • • Employees will wear cloth face coverings.
  • • Please wear your face mask when in store!
  • • Extra care taken to clean and sanitize all high touch surfaces multiple times per day.
  • • Markings on floor 6 feet apart at checkout to help promote social distancing.

Curbside pick up will continue to be an option. Email is preferred for orders. We expect some potential delays with curbside pickup with the storefront being open at the same time.

Our suppliers have been able to keep up with demand for the most part and the supply chain has stayed relatively strong, but there may be certain items that could be out of stock for small periods of time.

We look forward to welcoming you back into the store, however it is not business as usual yet, so we ask for your patience as we navigate these new changes.

Cheers and happy brewing!

Welcome to Olympic Brewing Supplies!

We are a brick and mortar retail store catering to Home Brewers, Winemakers, Cider making, Soda Making, Keg Systems for homebrew and commercial beer, and more. Family owned and operated since 1994.

We gladly accept special orders for items that we don't stock. If you've seen it, we can get it, and usually for less. Unfortunately we are unable to ship orders.

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